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. On February 10, 2014, James Alexander (Attractive Alex) received the Unsung Heroes Award For Compassion from the Dalai Lama.Seeing James "Alex" Alexander's radiant smile makes it difficult to believe he spent 28 painful years in California prisons. 'It may be surprising,' he [James] says, 'but that is where I found the opportunity to change my life.'"...
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On July 17, 2011, AVP Facilitator Mark Thomas received the "Change Agent" award at the "In the Trenches" Awards banquet. This award is an annual ceremony by the Senior Ex-Offender Program in Francisco (first of its kind in the nation) honoring formerly incarcerated men and women who are today — leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, counselors, social workers, etc. — working with various special populations within the criminal justice system. These men and women, the real product of change, receive this award from local, state and government officials. The purpose of this ceremony is to break the stigma against formerly incarcerated people.

On March 26, 2010, AVP/California received an award, honoring visionaries, from Death Penalty Focus and Friends Committee on Legislation/California. This award was for "exceptional contributions in promoting respect for human dignity, criminal justice reform, and abolition of the death penalty. Pat Hardy, President of AVP/CA accepted this award.


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