Facilitators Only

Materials for Steering Committee Use

Many of the following documents are PDF files. If you would like these in a Word document that you can alter for your own use, just email.

Letterhead template

Letter to Parole Board template

Please also check the Resources and What is AVP? sections on this website.

To go into a prison, see this Master list of contacts.

1. Checklist for launching new prisons
2. AVP/California By Laws and AVP/USA Policies
3. State Guidelines on Facilitator Qualification
4. AVP/CA Reimbursement Policy and Expense Form
5. Standards Packet (scroll down on page) for AVP/California Facilitators
6. AVP/CA Policy on Inmate Leisure Time Activity Groups in CDCR (ILTags)
7. Considerations when receiving requests from filmmakers to cover AVP/CA programs

1. Peaceful Relationships flyer: Print on 11x17 paper and fold in half. This can function as a folder for the rest of the materials you are giving.
2. Establishing an AVP workshop in a CDCR Prison
3. About AVP Workshops.
4. FCL article.

Promotional/fundraising materials. (See Facilitators Only page)
Use the above materials as appropriate, plus AVP Organizing Kit
See also Wikispaces
1. Guide to Transforming Power Cards with address (two files)
2. AVP/CA Updates (Older)

Sample materials for prison administrators
Checklist for launching new prisons
Older letters to wardens
*1. Inquired but not too familiar with AVP as a result of inmate encouragement
*2. Letter sent to Warden who may be familiar with AVP
*3. Letter sent to Director of Adult Institutions Woodford prior to 2005 meeting

Additional info
1. AVP Guidelines/relationship between facility and AVP
2. Statistics on California Prisons