The 2020 Online Fall Gathering and Online+Live Auction, November 7-8, was a roaring success! Over 50 AVPCA Facilitators came together on Zoom for reports, updates, confirm new Steering Committee members, breakout sessions, games, and helped us raise over $7000. Thank you all who attended, and thank you to the organizing team!

Welcome to AVP California! AVP is "Alternatives to Violence Project," a program working to reduce violence by learning about relationships, communication, and conflict resolution through workshops in prisons, jails, and the community. AVP California is volunteer-run, non-profit, organized by local councils around the state, and part of AVP USA and AVP International. We invite you to learn about AVP, take a workshop, and even become a volunteer facilitator!

In 2016, AVP California councils around the state organized over 400 workshops in 26 prisons and jails, with over 6,400 participants, and almost 70 workshops in communities throughout the state with over 600 participants. This is an increase of 22% in total workshops over 2015! Making this happen is over 700 inmate facilitators, and almost 250 community facilitators.

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